Weekly TV Top10: ‘Marry My Husband’ Clinches Top Spot Amid New Show Debuts

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Drama Ranking for 1st Week of  February

tvN’s Marry My Husband continues its reign over the living room kingdom, securing the number one spot with an unwavering grip. Park Min Young’s satisfying revenge saga has captured the audience’s hearts, with episode 10 unfolding her plot with compelling gusto. Park Min Young’s bold fashion choices and her confrontation scenes with Lee Yi Kyung have sparked widespread conversation. Additionally, BoA’s anticipated arrival as the new villain has further fueled viewer interest. Climbing to the second position is tvN’s Captivating the King, which, despite criticisms regarding its direction and screenplay, has been on an upward trajectory thanks to the stellar performances of its cast. MBC’s Knight Flower has blossomed into third place. Even with its predictable storyline, Lee Ha Nee’s one-woman show has garnered positive reviews for its entertainment value. Making a notable climb to fourth place is JTBC’s Doctor Slump, buoyed by the chemistry between Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye, which has been receiving rave reviews. Disney Plus’ A Shop for Killers has secured a spot in fifth place with its intriguing plot progression and fresh narrative approach. Debuting at seventh place is JTBC’s Queen of Divorce, showing promise right out of the gate. Meanwhile, SBS’s Flex x Cop has experienced a slight dip to eighth place, facing criticism for its lack of detail in the crime-solving elements and underdeveloped characters.

>> Park Min Young & Na In Woo Behind the Scenes: Making of Their Steamy Kiss in ‘Marry My Husband’

  1. tvN Marry My Husband (Share 25.85%)
  2. tvN Captivating the King (Share 7.80%)
  3. MBC Knight Flower (Share 7.71%)
  4. JTBC Doctor Slump (Share 6.83%)
  5. Disney Plus A Shop for Killers (Share 6.34%)
  6. KBS Korea–Khitan War (Share 5.74%)
  7. JTBC Queen of Divorce (Share 5.57%)
  8. SBS Flex x Cop (Share 5.00%)
  9. TVING LTNS (Share 3.74%)
  10. KBS Love Song for Illusion (Share 3.63%)
  1. Park Min Young, Marry My Husband (Share 12.69%)
  2. Lee Yi Kyung, Marry My Husband (Share 6.62%)
  3. Song Ha Yoon, Marry My Husband (Share 6.00%)
  4. Jo Jung Suk, Captivating the King (Share 3.84%)
  5. Lee Ha Nee, Knight Flower (Share 3.47%)
  6. Lee Ji Ah, Queen of Divorce (Share 1.65%)
  7. Na In Woo, Marry My Husband (Share 3.43%)
  8. Park Hyung Sik, Doctor Slump (Share 3.42%)
  9. Park Shin Hye, Doctor Slump (Share 2.89%)
  10. Shin Se Kyung, Captivating the King (Share 2.60%)

Non-Drama Ranking for 1st Week of  February

  1. TVING EXchange 3 (Share 4.34%)
  2. MBN Singing King (Share 3.97%) 
  3. MBC I Live Alone (Share 3.55%)
  4. TV CHOSUN Miss Trot 3 (Share 3.13%)
  5. ENA/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share 2.91%)
  6. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share 2.59%)
  7. tvN NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN (Share 2.41%)
  8. KBS Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (Share 2.27%)
  9. KBS Gag Concert (Share 2.19%)
  10. SBS Running Man (Share 2.12%)
  1. Park Seo Jin, Mr. House Husband Season 2 (Share 2.26%)
  2. Jeon Yoo Jin, Singing King (Share 1.39%)
  3. (G)I-DLE, Knowing Bros (Share 1.28%)
  4. Lee Jang Woo, I Live Alone (Share 1.15%)
  5. Yuna, Radio Star (Share 1.04%)
  6. Kim Da Hyun, Singing King (Share 1.01%)
  7. Yoo Jae Suk, Hangout with You (Share 1.01%)
  8. Baek Il Seob, With Father and Me (Share 0.98%)
  9. Lyn, Singing King (Share 0.97%)
  10. Oh Yoo Jin, Miss Trot 3 (Share 0.91%)

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