Park Min Young & Na In Woo Behind the Scenes: Making of Their Steamy Kiss in ‘Marry My Husband’

park min young na in woo
park min young na in woo
Credit: tvN

In the latest buzzworthy news from the set of Marry My Husband, the behind-the-scenes of Park Min Young and Na In Woo‘s kiss scene have fans talking.

During the rehearsal of their steamy kiss scene, the director observed their initial approach and suggested, “This feels like you’re making a decision, but I want it to feel like a bursting of emotions. Try to make it more intense.”

Following the director’s guidance, Park Min Young and Na In Woo worked out the dynamics, with Park suggesting, “You should take off your coat as I push you,” setting the stage for a steamy sequence. However, the director called for a balance, aiming for the right level of intensity without overdoing it. Na In Woo reflected on the feedback, agreeing, “We do look good together, but it did feel a bit too intense.”

After making the necessary adjustments to the scene, Park Min Young viewed the footage and expressed her approval, saying, “This looks pretty good, doesn’t it?” Na In Woo concurred, “I think this is the best version.”

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Now, with the kiss that sealed the deal, fans eagerly await the future dynamics of Marry My Husband.

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