Cast and Director Share Insights on Their Unique Dark Hero Tale ‘A Killer Paradox’

a killer paradox plot
a killer paradox plot
Credit: Netflix

The creative minds behind the highly anticipated series A Killer Paradox have recently shared their thoughts and confidence in the project, promising a groundbreaking take on the dark hero genre.

In a production video, Director Lee Chang Hee expressed his initial reaction to the source material: “Reading the original webtoon inspired me with many ideas and imaginations, so I was confident I’d be able to have fun while working on this series.”

Choi Woo Shik delves into the complex narrative, describing it as “story of Lee Tang, who started killing accidentally but gradually came to believe in his ability to discern evil people, as if he’d become a hero.” Son Suk Ku offers insight into the dual narrative of “the story of Jang Nam Gam, a detective who is chasing two murderers, Lee Tang and Song Chon,” while Lee Hee Joon provides a perspective on his character Song Chon, “who was once a detective but became a murderer overnight.”

A Killer Paradox stands out for its portrayal of Lee Tang, a character who kills “criminals who deserve to die” but is unsure whether his ability is coincidental or genuine, setting it apart from traditional dark heroes. Director Lee Chang Hee adds, “I believe the characters define the genre. Lee Tang’s fantasy, Nan Gam’s mystery, and Song Chon’s noir clashed to produce a synergy that resulted in a unique series.”

Highlighting the viewing experience, Choi Woo Shik notes, “I wouldn’t necessarily call it empathy, but I think he’s a character that makes the viewers ask, ‘Is that what I would have done if I had that ability?’ as they are watching the series.” Son Suk Ku points out the engaging narrative progression, “Characters with their own unique personalities appear in each episode. The unfolding and intertwining of their different perspectives will be entertaining, as all the suspense converges in the end.”

Set to premiere on February 9th, A Killer Paradox invites audiences to a riveting journey that blends fantasy, mystery, and noir in an innovative exploration of moral ambiguity.

Source: Netflix

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