Choi Woo Shik & Son Suk Ku’s ‘A Killer Paradox’: Netflix Reveals Release Date and Teasers

a killer paradox netflix
a killer paradox netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has confirmed the release date for its much-anticipated series A Killer Paradox, set to debut on February 9th to a global audience. The series, based on the sensational webtoon by writer Kkomabi, chronicles the story of an ordinary man who accidentally becomes a murderer and the detective who relentlessly pursues him.

On the 11th, Netflix unveiled two teaser posters and a trailer. The posters strikingly contrast the characters Lee Tang (Choi Woo Shik) and Jang Nan Gam (Son Suk Ku).

After an accidental murder, Lee Tang realizes that his victim is a vicious criminal and discovers his own unexpected ability to discern evil. This revelation leaves him visibly troubled and bewildered. Son Suk Ku portrays the tenacious detective Jang Nan Gam, exuding an extraordinary aura. His sharp gaze and the contrast with his large bubble gum suggest an unconventional character.

a killer paradox netflix
Credit: Netflix

The teaser begins with a jolt to Lee Tang’s mundane life. Returning home from his convenience store job, he is brutally assaulted by a man. In an uncharacteristic act of courage, Lee Tang retaliates fiercely with a hammer. The ominous tagline “The Killed, The Killer” signals the start of Lee Tang’s drastic transformation.

Detective Jang Nan Gam’s intense pursuit of Lee Tang’s murders is equally compelling. Lee Tang, emboldened by the realization that his victims are vile criminals, continues his killings. Jang Nan Gam’s significant line, “Do you think regular chewing gum and bubblegum are different?” hints at an intriguing cat-and-mouse chase.

Meanwhile, A Killer Paradox promises to be a gripping addition to Netflix’s lineup, raising anticipation among viewers for its release next month.

Source: Netflix

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