BoA Stirs the Pot in ‘Marry My Husband’ But Fan Reactions Are Mixed

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BoA has finally made her much-anticipated appearance in tvN’s Marry My Husband, and her acting chops have quickly become a topic of hot debate.

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In episode 11 aired on the 5th, viewers watched as Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) feels a sense of relief after successfully dealing with her trashy ex-boyfriend, Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung), and his new wife, Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon). Kang Ji Won, attending their wedding in an all-white ensemble, confronts Jung Soo Min with a bold statement, “Congrats on picking up the trash I threw away.”

As Kang Ji Won’s sweet revenge unfolds, she encounters a new obstacle: Oh Yoo Ra (BoA), who claims to be the fiancée of Ji Won’s lover, Yoo Ji Hyuk (Na In Woo). From her first appearance, Oh Yoo Ra shows her mean streak by confronting Kang Ji Won: “I’m Yoo Ji Hyuk’s fiancée. Or should I say, ex-fiancée? He one-sidedly broke it off with me. I never heard it was because of another woman, though.”

Adding to the anticipation, the teaser for episode 12 showed the escalating tension between the two ladies. Yoo Ra shatters a wine glass at the dinner with Kang Min Ah as she fiercely proclaims, “I hate it when someone touches my things.”

Viewers have been divided over BoA’s acting, with some pointing out her portrayal as slightly awkward and others praising how well she has blended into the role of Oh Yoo Ra. Criticisms have been made regarding her vocal delivery and facial expressions, arguing they detract from the immersion, while others feel that judging her acting based on a brief appearance is premature.

BoA’s character, Oh Yoo Ra, is a privileged granddaughter of a chaebol family, obsessively fixated on Yoo Ji Hyuk. She’ll be responsible for bringing an intriguing dynamic to the latter half of Marry My Husband. As BoA gears up for her full-fledged appearance, interest in her performance and the drama’s direction is mounting.

Meanwhile, episode 11 of Marry My Husband has reached a new peak with an 11.8% viewership rating, marking a 1.1% increase from its previous episode and setting a new record high for the show.

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