‘Badland Hunters’ Roh Jeong Eui Reflects on Her 39kg Past and Advocates for Health

roh jeong eui weight loss
roh jeong eui weight loss
Credit: Netflix

In a recent candid interview, Roh Jeong Eui, fresh off the release of Netflix’s action blockbuster Badland Hunters directed by Heo Myeong Haeng, shared personal reflections on her journey from being known for weighing 39kg to prioritizing her health and physical strength.

After talking about how she recently sent online communities ablaze with her beauty, Roh expressed regret over the attention her 39kg weight once garnered, worrying about the impact it might have on impressionable fans. “Seeing articles about my weight made me think a lot. I regretted mentioning it, fearing it might encourage young people to follow unhealthy diet practices,” Roh stated.

She elaborated on her commitment to a balanced lifestyle, saying, “I was dieting and exercising then, but I felt sorry and regretful if I inadvertently influenced young friends to develop an obsession (over their body). Since then, I’ve been eating well and exercising more than ever. My body is completely different now.”

Roh also touched on her fitness routine. “I don’t look at the scale; I focus on muscle mass, which is over 20 kilos now. Having more muscle improves stamina for shooting, so I’m working out four to five hours a day, including fitness training, flying yoga, and Pilates. I find exercise relieves stress and enjoy being physically active.”

She reassured fans that her current weight is definitely not in the 30kg range anymores. “I hope fans find joy in exercising too. Over time, you’ll find both your body and mind becoming healthier. Exercise not for the sake of losing weight but for your health. Everyone is already beautiful as they are.”

Meanwhile, Netflix film Badland Hunters depicting a fight for survival in a lawless, power-dominated wasteland, has climbed into the global TOP 10 non-English movies on Netflix since its release on the 26th.

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