Youn Yuh Jung Gets Candid About Recent Hook Entertainment Scandal: “I hate hypocrisy”

youn yuh jung hook entertainment
youn yuh jung hook entertainment
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Youn Yuh Jung, renowned for her Academy Award-winning role in Minari, has made a return to Korean cinema with Dog Days. In 2021, Youn became the first South Korean to win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Minari and subsequently starred in the Apple TV series Pachinko, set against the backdrop of modern Korean history, sparking a “Youn Yuh Jung syndrome.”

When asked if she searches her name online, Youn shared a story related to Hook Entertainment: “I learned about it recently. I wasn’t trying to search my name, but due to an incident with my former agency, I ended up learning that searching my name yields results.”

Youn talked about her experience of reading the news extensively. “For a while, I read Dispatch a lot. Every time something happened, new articles popped up, but I also saw many articles from other media. And some of them had too many inaccuracies, and it was exhausting to read them,” she revealed. “With my age, my vision isn’t what it used to be, and the small print made it difficult. I had to take breaks in between, and it was tiring. People around me even told me to stop reading them,” she added, discussing why she ultimately decided to part ways with Hook Entertainment after five years since 2017.

On her philosophy, Youn stated, “What I dislike the most is hypocrisy. A person can have many facets, but I can’t build trust with someone whose inside and outside are completely different.”

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