Joo Won and Kwon Nara to Introduce You to the Eccentric World of ‘Nightly Photo Studio’

Joo Won drama 2024
Joo Won drama 2024
Credit: Ghost studio, Management KOO

Nightly Photo Studio (literal title) will introduce you to the unique blend of mystery and humor.

This unique series tells the chilling yet bizarre tale of a grumpy photographer and a passionate lawyer running a photo studio exclusively for the deceased. The studio, only open at night, becomes the setting for a series of eerie encounters with spectral guests. The drama promises a thrilling ride, with actors Joo Won, Kwon Na Ra, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk forming a four-person crew to serve these unusual clients.

Joo Won plays the photographer and seventh-generation owner Seo Ki Joo of the “Nightly Photo Studio.” His character is a fresh and unseen type, raising expectations for his transformative role. Kwon Na Ra portrays Han Bom, a fiery lawyer who can’t stand injustice more than ghosts, who inadvertently becomes Ki Joo’s business partner.

Yoo In Soo steps into the shoes of Go Da Ri, the in-charge of guest operations. As someone who died as a man who had never dated a woman before, he’ll trigger laughter at just the right moments. Lastly, Eum Moon Suk takes on the role of Baek Nam Gu, a former marine and ace detective who now handles menial tasks at the studio under Go Da Ri’s direction.

The production team expressed confidence in the show, stating, “In an era where ‘well-dying’ is as important as ‘well-being’, we’ll deliver the variety of fun and touching episodes of the guests with their own stories of wanting to die well. A perfect crew comprising Joo Won, Kwon Na Ra, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk will lead you to this mysterious and bizarre photo studio.”

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