Cho Min Ji Says She Had Real Feelings for Lee Gwan Hee From ‘Single’s Inferno 3’

single's inferno 3 couples
single's inferno 3 couples
Credit: Cho Min Ji Instagram

Cho Min Ji, third place in 65th Miss Korea and an economics major from Ewha Womans University, recently opened up about her experience as the “Megi,” aka the wildcard contestant, on the highly buzzed-about Season 3 of Netflix’s reality dating show Single’s Inferno.

When asked about her feelings upon joining the show as Megi, she said, “I was troubled at first. But I thought there must be a reason why the production team chose me as Megi. Looking back at my life, I always integrated well into communities, and the idea of finding my dream guy was exciting. I entered the show with the hope and passion of meeting someone I like.”

However, Cho Min Ji faced backlash due to the “helicopter incident,” where she tried to talk to Lee Gwan Hee in the helicopter instead of her partner Park Min Kyu, even tearing up. Lee Gwan Hee was torn between Cho Min Ji and Choi Hye Seon until the final selection, eventually choosing Choi Hye Seon.

“I think I am a true romantic at heart,” she admitted. “During the filming, I genuinely liked Lee Gwan Hee. If I had the mature mindset I have now, I would have acted differently. But back then, I was immature and blinded by love.”

Discussing her actions in the helicopter, she explained, “Before boarding the helicopter, Gwan Hee was visibly upset. I felt uncomfortable and thought we should resolve it before landing in Paradise. So, that led to my actions, but I acknowledge and regret my immature behavior. My emotions were so overwhelming that I wanted to quickly resolve the tension.”

Regarding her relationship with Park Min Kyu, she said, “He’s really a good and kind person. I felt so bad about crying there out of the blue, and I kept apologizing to him. He even offered his shirt for me to wipe my tears, and I initially refused. But he insisted, saying, ‘You don’t have tissue, and you can’t go on air like this,’ so I used his shirt. We still keep in touch and are close friends.”

single's inferno 3 couples
Credit: Cho Min Ji Instagram

When asked about her decision to choose Min Kyu, she reflected, “At that time, it seemed like the best decision. I didn’t want to give Jin Seok the wrong idea, and choosing anyone else would have made everyone uncomfortable. I was close to Si Eun, so I couldn’t choose Min Woo or Won Ik. Ha Bin was chosen by Ha Jung, so Min Kyu was the only option left for me.”

Cho Min Ji also gave an update on what she’s been up to: “I am staying in touch with the other contestants. We have a group chat and recently had a get-together. Personally, I’m preparing for my graduation next month and working toward my goal of becoming an announcer. I’m part of an announcer study group and gearing up for exams. I’m really focused on trying my best to achieve my dream.”


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