Lee Dong Gun Reflects on Past Struggles and Future Hopes in Emotional Fortune Telling Session

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In a recent episode of SBS’s variety show My Little Old Boy, actor Lee Dong Gun took viewers on an emotional journey through his past hardships, as he sought to uncover his fortunes for 2024 with a visit to a fortuneteller.

The fortuneteller, upon writing down Lee Dong Gun’s name and birth details, was visibly moved, expressing, “I feel like crying. There’s a lot of sadness, and it feels very lonely,” while commenting on Lee’s emotional struggles, “He cries a lot with his heart. I can feel his emotions in my heart.”

Reflecting on a crucial period in Lee’s life, the fortuneteller noted, “There was a significant turning point 20 years ago, but it seems a lot was missed,” and added, “As a result, he couldn’t stand up again and has been circling the same spot for 20 years.”

Hearing that, Lee Dong Gun opened up, saying, “I lost a lot, including good projects, money, and people. I was immature back then. For example, when I had two projects, the one I didn’t choose would be a hit, and the one I chose didn’t do well.” He went on, “What I decided after careful thinking was never the answer. I thought success would come again, but the preparation just went on. Now, I think I’ve come as far as I could and just stopped waiting.”

The fortuneteller described Lee as “a person with very strong pride, who goes in all or nothing,” adding, “That’s why he’s destined to be quite lonely.” She then revealed, “He’s been honing himself for the past 10 years. Though he hasn’t done anything wrong, he’s been living as if he had. He’s experienced many sad events and felt unsupported, as everyone blamed him.”

Looking to the future, the fortuneteller advised, “The old Lee Dong Gun is not needed anymore. Stand up again and start anew,” predicting, “From spring 2024, doors to active participation in the entertainment industry will open. There will be drama offers, and something significant will happen in June or July.” Furthermore, she suggested a radical change in roles, “Play a villain. If you do, you’ll quickly rise from 1 to 7 or 8, instead of slowly climbing to 10. People will be surprised at how well you do,” and added, “There’s a flow that’ll lead to a peak in your career in your late 40s.”

The fortuneteller also touched upon Lee’s personal life, saying, “Women have not been good in your life. After turning 50, there will be another opportunity for you to get married,” and advised, “Meet a woman in business. If you meet another celebrity, you might divorce again. The woman might also be divorced. It would be better to meet such a person. There is also a fortune related to having a son.”

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