NS Yoonji Shares Her Excitement About Hollywood Venture in Netflix Film ‘Lift’

kim yoon-ji lift
kim yoon-ji lift

NS Yoon Ji, also known as Kim Yun Jee, shared her excitement about her Hollywood debut in the Netflix film Lift on “GYM JONG KOOK”.

Kim Jong Kook asked, “How did you land a role in a Hollywood movie?” Yoon Ji replied, “I kept auditioning whenever I could. Last year, I got a chance so I filmed a video with my brother for the audition before sending it. You are normally asked to have an additional audition or a Zoom meeting with the director, but surprisingly, I got the offer right away and headed to Europe two weeks later.” Hearing her, Kim Jong Kook responded, “At one shot? Maybe I should try sending one too,” with a surprise.

Regarding her character, the actress explained, “I play a hacker who has been an athlete all her life. Her name is Mi Seon, and she’s the only Asian character in the whole cast.”

As for her age, she mentioned, “I’m in my late 30s now.” When Kim Jong Kook asked, “Do people there guess your age correctly?” she answered, “Netflix staff members thought I was 25.”

During the broadcast, Kim Jong Kook revealed, “There is a Hollywood director who watches our channel – Zack Snyder. He contacted us through Bae Doona and revealed his wish to appear on our show. He loves sports. Bae Doona was like, ‘What just happened?'” surprising everyone.

Meanwhile, NS Yoon Ji made her music debut in 2009 and embarked on her acting career in 2017. Four years later, she tied the knot with a businessman.

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