Song Ji Hyo Playfully Rejects Kim Jong Kook’s New Year Workout Recommendation

kim jong kook song ji hyo
kim jong kook song ji hyo
Credit: YouTube “GYM JONG KOOK”

As 2024 rolled in, Kim Jong Kook took to his YouTube channel to interact with fans, borrowing fellow Running Man member HaHa’s studio for a live chat session.

Talking about his new album, Kim Jong Kook teased a spring comeback, saying, “I’ve received a song. But it’s about spring.” He added, “This year marks my 30th debut anniversary. I’ll be showing more of my singing.”

Song Ji Hyo made a guest appearance during the stream. Praising her for showing up, Kim Jong Kook remarked, “Ji Hyo is truly loyal.” Song Ji Hyo arrived makeup-free, to which she explained, “I just washed my face; I couldn’t even put on makeup.” Kim Jong Kook light-heartedly replied, “I barely see you with makeup anyway.”

Kim Jong Kook suggested that Song Ji Hyo should cut down on alcohol and start exercising in the new year. He expressed concern, saying, “You’ve become too thin. You’ve lost a lot of weight.” Song Ji Hyo explained her weight loss, mentioning recent health issues.

Continuing, she humorously rejected his exercise suggestion, “I’ve been resting for about two weeks due to my health. I realized lying down is more my style.” Undeterred, Kim Jong Kook still recommended exercise, suggesting “squats while watching TV” as the best workout to do at home.

However, Song Ji Hyo playfully retorted, asking if there was a way to do squats while lying down, prompting Kim Jong Kook to grab a prop knife from the desk, eliciting laughter from both.

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