Pledis Entertainment’s New Group TWS Accused of Logo Plagiarism by TWM Strap

pledis entertainment new boy group
pledis entertainment new boy group
Credit: Pledis Entertainment

TWS, the brother group of SEVENTEEN, has found itself embroiled in a logo plagiarism controversy even before its official debut.

On January 2nd, custom watch strap brand TWM Strap alleged through its official channels that TWS plagiarized their self-designed logo. They stated, “It’s too similar. It’s a logo I drew by hand and have trademarked,” and announced, “Tomorrow, I will file a complaint about trademark infringement through a lawyer.”

Furthermore, they urged a comparison between their brand logo and TWS’s logo, expressing, “It’s unbelievable. It’s a precious logo protected under trademark law with my name. We can’t just let this slide” and heralded a strong response.

pledis entertainment new boy group
Credit: TWM Strap, Pledis Entertainment
pledis entertainment new boy group
Credit: Online Communities

Additionally, the brand remarked, “This is my creative work that has continued since September 2018. It’s currently a trademarked asset under protection. Copying is unacceptable. It’s the face of this brand,” and warned, “I’m receiving threatening messages, but I’ll capture them and include them as evidence when I file a complaint.”

The brand also left a message on TWS’s official channel saying, “It seems like you’ve used a similar trademark. I’ve already registered and hand-drawn the trademark, and it appears you copied it with only slight modifications. Please contact us regarding this. We will take legal action.”

In response, TWS’s agency Pledis Entertainment stated, “We’re reviewing the matter.”

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