Shin Se Kyung Dresses Up as a Guy in Her New Drama ‘Captivating the King’

Captivating the King
Captivating the King
Credit: tvN

The upcoming tvN drama Captivating the King, set to premiere on January 21st, 2024, is already generating buzz with its latest stills featuring Shin Se Kyung in a challenging dual role.

Captivating the King tells the story of King Yi In, a man with a prestigious position but harboring a lowly heart, and Kang Hee Su, who embarks on a perilous journey to become a spy, or “Saejak,” against him. This fictional historical drama, based on imagination, focuses on the unique topic of “Saejak (spies),” who secretly gather and provide information while working undercover. It features The Good Detective director Cho Nam Kook and The Crowned Clown writer Kim Seon Deok.

In the series, Shin Se Kyung portrays Kang Hee Su, a woman who becomes a spy to bring down the king. Kang Hee Su is a master of the board game Go, having learned it by observing her father. By chance, she becomes good friends with Prince Jinhan, aka Yi In (Jo Jung Suk), through their shared love for the game, and before she realizes it, she falls for the man.

Captivating the King
Credit: tvN

The stills released show Shin Se Kyung as Kang Hee Su, dressed in men’s traditional attire. This character’s journey as an undefeated Go genius who has never once lost in the game illustrates her intelligence and independence, raising expectations for the character.

She earns the name Kang Mong Woo after playing Go with Prince Jinhan on a day of Mongwoo (heavy drizzle). But in the end, she encounters a fateful twist in her relationship with him, leading to a compelling narrative of conflicting destinies.

The production team praises Shin Se Kyung’s performance, stating, “It’s impossible to think of anyone but Shin Se Kyung as Kang Hee Su. Her subtle charisma brings depth to the character, opposing the king played by Jo Jung Suk. Viewers will be captivated by Shin Se Kyung’s charm as she slowly infiltrates Yi In’s heart like a gentle drizzle.”

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  • i’m so glad shin se kyung is getting a lot of projects nowadays….she’s an excellent actress, and one of the prettiest around….

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