Yim Si Wan Shares His Thrill and Surprise on Joining Netflix’s ‘Squid Game 2’

yim si wan squid game 2
yim si wan squid game 2
Credit: Coupang Play

Yim Si Wan recently shared his feelings on joining the cast of Netflix’s original series Squid Game in a recent interview. “It feels like something unbelievable is happening,” he said, expressing his astonishment.

Squid Game revolves around the people who participate in a mysterious survival game with a 45.6 billion KRW (approximately $38 million USD) prize, risking their lives in extreme challenges. The series achieved global popularity, recording the highest views on Netflix. Yim Si Wan has joined the cast for its much-anticipated Season 2.

Yim commented, “I found Squid Game so entertaining that I watched it all at once. It’s a genre I love.” He added, “It was so good that I called Lee Byung Hun afterward and said, ‘You were the Front Man? It’s crazy!’ I was that immersed in the drama, and I still can’t believe I will be a part of the new season.”

He expressed his excitement, saying, “Because it’s a genre I love, it feels unreal. It’s amazing how quickly such a major project was offered to me. It really is a surprising experience.”

Meanwhile, Yim Si Wan is also starring in Coupang Play’s Boyhood. Regarding his role in his comedy drama, he humorously noted, “It’s like experiencing a role indirectly. The job of an actor often involves playing roles with talents that are more extreme than any real talent one might have.” He added, “My character Byung Tae isn’t good at calculations. And there’s a sense of relief in making mistakes but still coming on top.”

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