Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Jun Reunite as a Very Different Couple from ‘Go Back Couple’

my happy ending kdrama
my happy ending kdrama
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Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Jun are set to return as an on-screen couple after six years in TV Chosun’s new weekend miniseries My Happy Ending, set to premiere on the 30th.

The press conference for My Happy Ending was held on the 21st, attended by director Jo Soo Won and actors Jang Na Ra, Son Ho Jun, and So Yi Hyun, among others. The series is a gripping tale of a woman confronting her neglected self in a quest to reclaim true happiness.

My Happy Ending comes from Director Jo Soo Won, acclaimed for I Can Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, and Still 17. Jo expressed his gratitude toward the cast, “The various stories within the show were a concern regarding how entertainingly they would be portrayed, but the actors perfectly embodied their characters.

In the drama, Jang Na Ra plays Seo Jae Won, a woman who embarks on a journey to uncover the truth after being betrayed by those she trusted. “I found the script extremely engaging. It has a good pace and makes the reader very curious,” said Jang Na Ra.

“It seemed like a role that would be challenging and, in all, teach me a lot. The volume of the script was quite substantial. The fundamental challenge was a battle of stamina, but fortunately, even though I looked frail at times, I managed well,” she added. “Thankfully, the emotions and feelings that lingered during shooting dissipated once I left the set. Though the drama was a challenge storywise, it came with great joy.”

my happy ending kdrama
Credit: iMBC

Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Jun reunited six years after their successful collaboration in the 2017 hit series Go Back Couple.

Jang shared, “Son Ho Jun seemed more mature than before. By the end, I felt so satisfied, I wondered if we should go for another round.” She praised her co-star as “kind and amiable, someone any actor would love to work with.” Son Ho Jun expressed his contentment, “One of the big reasons I chose this project was the opportunity to work with Jang Na Ra again. Our synergy in Go Back Couple had set high expectations, and indeed, it was very fun and satisfying.”

Jang compared Go Back Couple and My Happy Ending, stating, “They are completely different. It will be interesting to compare them.” On the other hand, Son Ho Jun hinted, “It felt like a continuation. Go Back Couple ended happily, so maybe you could think that that happiness led to this story.”

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