Lee Sun Bin Candidly Shares Boyfriend Lee Kwang Soo’s Reaction to ‘Boyhood’

lee sun bin and kwang soo
lee sun bin and kwang soo
Credit: Coupang Play

In a recent interview for the Coupang Play series Boyhood, Lee Sun Bin candidly opened up about her boyfriend Lee Kwang Soo‘s reaction to the show.

Boyhood, set in 1989 in Chungcheongnam-do, follows the life-changing story of Onyang’s underdog Byung Tae (Yim Si Wan) who, overnight, transforms into the toughest kid in Buyeo. Lee Sun Bin has garnered much love for her role as Park Ji Young, the renowned tough girl “Buyeo Black Spider.”

Lee Sun Bin, who has been open about her relationship with Lee Kwang Soo since 2018, shared a hearty laugh when questioned about their romance. “In every interview, I’ve been frank and open about questions regarding Kwang Soo,” she commented, adding that her boyfriend found Boyhood extremely entertaining. “He’s been so excited about the show. He’s planning to binge-watch the remaining episodes,” she said.

lee sun bin and kwang soo
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The series has witnessed a staggering 1900% increase in viewership compared to its debut week, riding a wave of word-of-mouth popularity. Responding to this, the actress expressed her joy, “With the show’s success reflected in numbers and positive articles, Kwang Soo has been congratulating me every week,” she said, her eyes sparkling. She added, “We both get excited talking about it, but our feedback on each other’s work usually just sums up to ‘It’s fun.’ We don’t really delve into the content.”

Lee Sun Bin shared that the most frequent comment from Lee Kwang Soo these days is, “People love it so much,” and “Wherever I go, people talk to me about Boyhood,” indicating the show’s immense popularity.

Laughing off, Lee Sun Bin remarked that they surprisingly don’t have deep conversations about acting. “Talking about acting seems a bit cheesy to us. I’m not the type to ask ‘How was my acting?'” she said, playfully showcasing their affectionate relationship.

Meanwhile, Boyhood has been airing two episodes every Friday, from November 24th to December 22nd.

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