‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’ Episode 8 Recap: Lee Se Young Finds the Truth Behind Her Father’s Death

The Story of Park's Marriage Contract ep 8
The Story of Park's Marriage Contract ep 8
Credit: MBC

Park Yeon Woo (played by Lee Se Young) realized her family’s unpleasant connection with Kang Tae Ha’s family (Bae In Hyuk) in Episode 8 of MBC’s The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.

Yeon Woo and Tae Ha fly to Juju Islands along with the team members. After sharing a kiss, the two begin to feel awkward around each other. Encouraged by Sa Wol (Joo Hyun Young), Yeon Woo bravely confesses her feelings to Tae Ha. However, he becomes suddenly troubled by his health and bids farewell to her.

Tae Ha visits a hospital in Seoul and learns about the severity of his heart condition. Even in such a situation, he keeps thinking about Yeon Woo. In a surprising move, Yeon Woo heads to the house of Hong Seong Pyo (Jo Bok Rae) without informing Tae Ha. Tae Ha soon discovers this and urges Seong Pyo to keep his health condition a secret.

At the same time, Yeon Woo receives an offer from Lee Mi Dam (Kim Yeo Jin) to launch a brand and a confession from Tae Ha’s half-brother Kang Tae Min (Yoo Seon Ho).

Meanwhile, Tae Ha rushes to find Yeon Woo after realizing his feelings for her when Mi Dam asks him to stay away from Yeon Woo for a while. Similarly, Yeon Woo sets out to find him upon hearing the news of his possible expulsion from the company due to his health. Eventually, the two encounter each other at the bus stop and confirm their feelings for each other.

Sa Wol stumbles upon Yeon Woo’s watch in Kang Sang Mo’s (Cheon Ho Jin) study room. She then hands it to Yeon Woo and delivers a shocking revelation: “This Kang family killed the baby.”

Towards the end, Yeon Woo faints upon discovering the monument with her name in the mountains behind Ms. Kang’s house, learning that her stepmother had poisoned her husband and killed her father in the past.

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