Song Kang’s Mastery of Romance Shines in ‘My Demon’

song kang my demon
song kang my demon
Credit: SBS

Song Kang, famously dubbed the “master of romance,” has activated his “romance mode” in SBS’s My Demon. Portraying the role of Jung Goo Won, a flawless and lethal demon, Song Kang captures viewers’ attention with his deepening emotional performance as the story progresses.

In episodes 7 and 8 of My Demon, Song Kang (Jung Goo Won) realizes his feelings for Kim Yoo Jung (Do Do Hee) and begins his transformation into a more human-like being. Following the cliffhanger in episode 6, where he couldn’t use his powers even with Kim Yoo Jung next to him, Song Kang narrowly escapes getting caught by Kim Seung Ho (Noh Do Kyung) with a surprise kiss. When he figures out the cause of this change, he uses it as an excuse to grow closer to Kim Yoo Jung, fostering their affection for each other.

Song Kang’s heart-fluttering performance brings smiles to the audience’s faces. He skillfully portrays the complex emotions of a demon who once scorned humans, now falling in love with a human woman, thereby heightening viewers’ engagement.

Notably, the ending of episode 7, where Song Kang desperately calls for Kim Yoo Jung even when writhing in pain from Kim Seol Jin’s (Kwang Cheol) attack, delivered a mix of shock and profound emotion. This incident deepens his feelings for Kim Yoo Jung. But a crisis falls in their love story when he fails to understand her decision to withdraw from the chairman candidacy. Upon realizing later that she gave up the position fearing she might lose him like she lost her parents and Kim Hae Sook (Joo Cheon Suk), Song Kang conveys his feelings with a heartfelt kiss.

Song Kang convincingly portrays Goo Won’s awakening to the emotion of “love” and his gradual acceptance of it. His ability to oscillate between cute, playful romantic comedy and heart-wrenching, intense romance has not only captivated domestic viewers but also led international fans to catch the “Song Kang fever.”

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