Park Seo Joon Talks About Getting Along With Han So Hee, Struggles With Appearance and First ‘The Marvels’ Meeting

park seo joon han so hee
park seo joon han so hee
Credit: tvN

Park Seo Joon stole the show with his candid revelations in the latest episode of tvN’s You Quiz on the Block, which aired on Wednesday, December 13th.

The star revealed that he recently grew closer to Han So Hee after spending two years getting to know each other through the Gyeongseong Creature shoot. Curious about what the actress is like in real life, Yoo Jae Suk asked, “I’ve never seen her on variety shows. What’s she like?” Park Seo Joon said, “She got a bit jealous when I mentioned I would be on You Quiz on the Block. She was like, ‘Would I need more filming experience to be a guest on the show?'”

Known for his shyness, Park Seo Joon mentioned that it’s only been a year since he started using casual language with Han So Hee. He explained, “I’m not great at expressing myself, so I use honorifics to show respect and avoid potential misunderstandings.”

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park seo joon han so hee
Credit: tvN

On this day, the star also opened up about his struggle with appearance in the early days of his acting career. He admitted, “My eyes were the biggest problem. Back when I was younger, everyone in the industry preferred actors with more distinctive facial features. I even heard things like, ‘Where on the hell are you from?’ on set.” He honestly confessed, “Some suggested I get plastic surgery, and I became small and insecure as I listened to them. I often thought, ‘Maybe this is not my path.'”

Talking about his involvement in The Marvels, Park Seo Joon shared, “While filming Concrete Utopia, I received an email from Marvel Studios. They suggested having a Zoom meeting.”

He continued, “He continued, “I met Nia DaCosta, the director of The Marvels, and I wasn’t good at speaking in English at all. I asked, “Is it okay for me to join even if I’m not good at English?,” she said, ‘You’re a good actor, and I want you in my film.'”

When Yoo Jae Suk asked about his Hollywood experience, Park Seo Joon amusingly replied, “The best part was, everyone there was just as excited for the weekend. We wrapped up filming by Friday, from 6 AM to 6 PM, and that was it.”

You Quiz on the Block airs every Wednesday at 8:45 PM.

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