Exclusive Interview: Aespa or EXO? SAAY Shares Her Memorable Collaborations

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Being a multitalented soloist, SAAY constantly works hard to bring something new to the famous K-Pop scene. Deviating from the already paralleled saturated K-Pop market, SAAY explores a variety of work from smooth pop-ballads like “Summer in Love” ft. Colde to “speaking in cursive” in her rap songs like “Player.” No matter the track, you can never be bored of SAAY.

However, her talent doesn’t cease there – SAAY is known for composing a variety of songs for artists as well such as EXO, AESPA and more. Dive into the many talents of SAAY and get to know what makes her such a talented individual in K-Pop.

As mentioned, SAAY has composed songs for various artists. When asked which song was she most satisfied with and if there is another artist she’d want to compose music for, SAAY knew off the top of her head just how to answer.

SAAY: “Baekhyun’s ‘BAMBI’ was the most satisfying song I’ve produced for other artists. It was the most completely embodied visual and performance that I had imagined in the process of writing the song. He’s a really hard-working, steady-growing artist, and I’m grateful to him for bringing this song to life perfectly. I’m looking forward to writing a song for him again later.”

SAAY also worked with various musicians like Snoop Dogg, Crush and Brown Eyed Soul’s Yeong Jun. She shared with us the most memorable experiences and interesting stories from these collaborations.

SAAY: “The various collaborations with all artists were all memorable and happy moments, but among them, my work with Snoop Dogg was the most memorable. I literally grew up with his music history, so I was really, really happy and honored when I was commissioned to feature on his album. I still can’t believe it, that my voice was on his album with his voice.” A dream come true!

If you wonder more about SAAY’s inspiration and interests, she isn’t just a hip-hop goddess – she goes hard with the Japanese Heavy Metal bands. But what exactly makes her so interested in groups like Megadeth and X-Japan?

SAAY: “When I was in elementary school, my sister was a street dancer who danced to pop music, and my brother was in a rock band. Thanks to my brother and sister’s influence, I was interested in pop music and heavy metal, and I was a huge fan of X-Japan’s ‘Hide.’ I like the songs ‘Rocket’ and ‘ENDLESS RAIN’ by X-Japan the most.” Which are total classics – so check them out if you don’t know them already!

Credit: Universal Music

Perhaps inspired by her past, SAAY exudes a strong and fiery female presence and energy visually but her songs more often consist of a funky and chill vibe. Music often reflects another part of your mind and spirit so it begs the question, is it just a coincidence? SAAY gives a deep insight as to what her music style really is.

SAAY: “All my songs are born out of my real experiences, emotions, and stories. I am inspired by the moments of the process of making songs, and I create my songs based on the genre I want to do most at that time. Of course, my soul, mind, and my musical portions naturally melt together.” Well said and completely explains why she is a woman of many genres and styles alike.

Outside of music, SAAY is quite the fashionist. We asked the diva if any trends inside or outside of Korea interest her lately. She replied “Originally, I liked very colorful styles and bling bling. That’s still the case. I prefer to dress fancy and wear items that show me best, but these days I also enjoy wearing them more comfortably. Like simple knitwear, jeans, and sneakers. Fashion is always one of my biggest interests, so it is good and fun to challenge various genres similar to doing music.” Seems SAAY is taking an interest towards the more subtle and quiet fashion trend. Classic.

When asked about her growth over the years, SAAY stated what she wants people to notice in her musical journey.

SAAY: “I followed my mother who was playing Korean traditional music and we played janggu (traditional Korean drums) together, performed pansori and Korean dance, and I performed on stage for the first time at the age of six. I have been doing music ever since. The genre has changed from time to time. I’m 30 now, and you can literally think and say that I’ve been doing music all my life. Depending on the situation in the middle, only the speed of walking or running was different, but it (my music) has grown non-stop. It is and will be. The songs I release at that time incorporate my life. I’m so happy that my listeners can grow old with my music and myself, and I hope you will continue to watch and be with me through my music.”

With her 2nd solo concert approaching, what can fans expect from the show? We want to know about any surprises just as much as the fans do! SAAY eagerly replied, “I’m properly introducing my band for the first time in my second solo concert, and I’m preparing a full-time full-band set performance as well as a performance set. This is the first time I’m trying this in my solo performance, and it took me a really long time to implement my music into a proper band sound, so it’s something I’m looking forward to the most, and it’s going to be the most confident part. At the same time, the audience will be looking forward to this part because the rapper JUSTHIS, one of the most talented people in Korea, will be a special guest. This is gonna be a lot of fun.”

Credit: Universal Music

If this information wasn’t enough to get you to secure your tickets, I don’t know what will!

Last, we asked SAAY about her creative process and other projects she’s preparing for the upcoming year. “I’m going to write a song!” SAAY says! “And I don’t force the moment and the situation to be set. If I just live as it goes, and I think I want to write a song around me and in my soul, or I want to make an album, I proceed without delay. Every moment in life and people’s environment are my inspiration and energy.”

Now, SAAY is looking forward to greeting her fans, old and new, while also preparing for the continued growth of her musical journey in 2024. SAAY ended the interviewing saying “Thank you so much for always supporting me and my music. I’m having a 2nd solo concert on January 14th in Seoul and hope fans can make it. Otherwise, I can’t wait to meet you all in person on my world tour soon! Have a lovely Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my loves!!”

What do you think of SAAY? You can check out her recent releases like “RollerCoaster” on her official YouTube or follow her on Instagram and learn more about other K-Pop idols and actors in our next exclusive interviews.

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