4 Korean Stars Who Got Totally Naked on Camera: Song Kang, Lim Ji Yeon and More

A group of fearless actors have embraced some wild and daring roles to up the game in their TV and movie projects. Check out the 5 brave Korean actors who bared it all in front of the camera.

Song Kang – Sweet Home 2
Credit: Netflix

Song Kang returns as Cha Hyun Soo in Netflix apocalyptic thriller Sweet Home Season 2 to reunite with the Green Home survivors in their pursuit of finding a new shelter.

Right after the second season’s release, the star made headlines for getting naked in the series. Regarding his daring choice, he said, “I had an extensive discussion with the director about that scene. He explained that, since the lab people don’t see Hyun Soo as a regular human being, it would make sense for Hyun Soo to have such a scene to show that he’s been treated as their research material.” He also revealed, “We couldn’t create the bloodbath scene using CGI, so it was shot all in-camera and in one take.”

On a lighter note, he said, “I think I cured my shyness after shooting that scene. It was a valuable experience for me.” He added, “I’ve got these lines for my upcoming project, and they are just a little bit cringy, you know? I used to be all awkward delivering them, but now I just roll with it. I don’t shy away from them anymore.”

Song Kang further mentioned that going nude wasn’t particularly challenging for him as there were many shirtless scenes in Season 1 of the series. He also discussed his physical preparation for the role, involving both a strict diet and regular exercise. “This time, I didn’t try to be super lean and thin because I figured his monster form should be more on the bulky and muscular side,” he said. “I ate a lot and worked out a lot to get that look going. There were days when I even went twice!”

Nana – Mask Girl
Credit: Netflix

Nana takes on the role of Kim Momi, an ordinary office worker who transforms into a masked internet personality, in Netflix’s Mask Girl.

The series features three actresses—Lee Han Byul, Nana, and Go Hyun Jung—all portraying the same character, Kim Mo Mi. Nana steps into the role after the character undergoes plastic surgery and begins living a new life as Areum. Nana garnered attention for her bold performance, particularly in a scene where she appears naked. Her portrayal earned praise for breaking away from her initial image as an idol singer and making her mark as a talented actress.

Kim Soo Hyun – One Ordinary Day and Real
Credit: Coupang Play and CJ ENM

Kim Soo Hyun portrays Kim Hyun Soo, an ordinary college student who becomes a murder suspect overnight, in the Coupang Play series One Ordinary Day.

Based on the famous BBC series Criminal Justice, One Ordinary Day follows an ordinary college student who becomes a murder suspect overnight and a third-rate lawyer who is the only one who helps him but never asks him the truth about what happened that night.

In the drama series, Kim Soo Hyun bares it all for the second time in front of the camera after that much-talked-about naked scene in his 2017 movie Real. His bold bedroom scenes in the show have also earned him props, cementing his status not just as a top actor in Korea but also as a big global Hallyu sensation across Asia.

Lim Ji Yeon – Obsessed, The Treacherous
Credit: Next Entertainment World, Lotte Entertainment

In 2014, Lim Ji Yeon captivated audiences with her bold and daring performance in Obsessed where she played Jong Ga Heun, a woman entangled in a forbidden love affair with Kim Jin Pyeong (played by Song Seung Heon), an elite soldier and Vietnam War hero.

Lim Ji Yeon’s intimate bed scenes in Obsessed earned her the nickname of the “Second Tang Wei,” surprising everyone with her bold and unexpected choice as a newcomer in the acting scene.

She once again went naked for the sex scenes in the 2016 movie The Treacherous, this time with actress Lee Yoo Young. In the film, her character engages in same-sex sexual activities following the orders of the tyrant King Yeonsan (Kim Kang Woo).

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Other Notable Performances

Apart from the mentioned actors, several others have contributed to the success of their projects through bold and daring performances. Actors like Oh Jung Se in Revenant, Kim Young Kwang in Somebody, Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Joo Bin in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, Lee Kwang Soo in the movie Tazza: One Eyed Jack, Lee Yoo Young in Late Spring and The Treacherous, Kim Go Eun in Eungyo, Cho Yeo Jeong in The Servant and The Concubine, and WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon in the music video for “Soso” have all contributed to the success of their respective works through daring and unconventional performances, marking their projects as noteworthy in the realm of Korean entertainment.

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