Park So Dam Reveals She ‘Cried Every Day’ After Cancer Surgery Took Her Voice

park so dam health
park so dam health
Credit: Everyday is Thursday

Park So Dam recalled the days of her battle with cancer on Jo Hyun Ah’s YouTube channel, “Everyday Is Thursday.” The actress guest-starred alongside Seo In Guk, ahead of the release of Death’s Game.

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Park So Dam recounted, “When I got the script for Death’s Game, I was still recovering from surgery. My voice hadn’t returned yet, and I could not even turn my head at that time.”

The actress was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 2021. She shared that she could relate more to Seo In Guk’s character Choi Yi Jae than her own character, as the character experiences multiple deaths in the series.

Recalling the changes she experienced after her surgery, she reflected, “When I woke up from anesthesia, my first thought was, ‘I’m going to live a better life from now on.’ When Hyun Ah asked, ‘What was the hardest part during that time?’ she answered, ‘When I found out that I’d lost my voice.'”

“It took me about eight months to get my voice back. Started getting better just recently,” she revealed. “I had a tough time at the beginning of filming, and even during the shoot, I would go home and cry alone. I didn’t want to trouble the cast and crew, but in reality, I felt physically exhausted. Thought I would be okay, but it was very hard to face the days I wasn’t.”

Talking about how she’s been feeling lately, she said, “I wasn’t doing well, but I had to put on a brave face. So, I wasn’t sure if I was genuinely okay or not. But these days, a lot of folks say to me, ‘You seem to be doing well.’ I can even have a drink or two. I’ve been much better mentally and physically,” with a laugh.

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