Jeon Jong Seo Reveals Her Boyfriend Has Never Formally Asked Her Out

Credit: Pisik University

Jeon Jong Seo revealed that her boyfriend, Ballerina director Lee Chung Hyun, has never formally asked her out during the December 4th episode of the web variety show “Pisik University.”

The star guested on the show and talked how she and the director started dating. When asked about who made the first move, she answered, “He didn’t ‘formally’ ask me out. It’s not really the Korean way, right? But he didn’t officially make the move. Whenever I ask, he just says, ‘Oh, right, I didn’t.'”

Regarding her experience working with him, she explained, “The Call was our first project together, and that’s when we started dating. About a year later, we felt a strong connection, and that’s when we worked on the movie Ballerina together. By then, we knew each other so well that during filming, we didn’t have much to discuss.”

However, she humorously mentioned something that bothers her, saying, “I don’t like it when he calls me by my name on set. Whenever he goes like, ‘Hey, Jong Seo!’ I tell him, ‘Could you not do that on set?’ I want him to show me some respect when we are working together. But he doesn’t really listen.”

When one of the hosts asked if they often get into arguments, she candidly admitted, “Yes, we do. All the time. But honestly, we don’t find much time for that since we’re always busy with work. During our breaks, we’re just like any other couple you’d come across.”

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