Gummy Shares Her Never-Before-Told Love Story With Husband Jo Jung Suk

jo jung suk and gummy
jo jung suk and gummy
Credit: SBS

In the 28th episode of SBS’s Dolsing Fourmen, singer Gummy captivated attention by revealing her love story with husband Jo Jung Suk for the first time.

Gummy shared that news about their relationship broke out two years into dating when the MCs expressed curiosity about their secret romance.

The singer recounted that their first meeting was through a close friend, Young Ji. Young Ji, who already knew Jo Jung Suk through a musical, planned to cast him in a music video and brought Gummy along. “Young Ji asked me to come with, and that’s how we met. Initially, we just started off as friends,” Gummy explained.

Tak Jae Hoon inquired about the moment they developed mutual feelings. Gummy described both of them as introverted, so neither made any moves first. “At the time, he said he wasn’t going to date anyone, but he would occasionally contact me. Then, he invited me to a gathering with a director and film staff. That’s when I think I started having romantic feelings,” Gummy confessed.

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Then she really fell for him after seeing him at work. “I like very manly men. Before, he seemed to be very detailed, sweet, and somewhat feminine in nature. But as I got to know him, I realized he’s quite the tough guy,” she recalled.

Lee Sang Min curiously asked who asked whom out first. Gummy started off, “Even the people we know ask us this,” and went on, “I knew I had feelings for him. But had said he wouldn’t date anyone, but he would always come if I was there.”

She added, “I planned to confess first because he was being ambiguous, but he asked me out before I did.” Gummy then shared Jo Jung Suk’s words with a bashful smile, “He said I had many qualities similar to what he looked for in a woman. He said he knew he shouldn’t continue seeing me, but he couldn’t help but come when called.”

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