BTS’ Suga Talks About Uhm Jung Hwa’s Near-Miss Marriage to HYBE’s CEO Bang Si Hyuk


BTS’s official YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, released the 22nd episode of Suga‘s show SUCHWITA on November 20th, featuring Uhm Jung Hwa as a guest.

On this day, Uhm Jung Hwa revealed a special connection with the head of HYBE, Bang Si Hyuk.

Suga mentioned, “I heard something interesting. I heard you two almost got married. You almost went on We Got Married?” In 2011, Bang Si Hyuk expressed himself as a big fan of her through his social media. Additionally, he jokingly expressed his desire to appear on the virtual marriage program We Got Married with her.

Uhm Jung Hwa, who read about this in an article, commented, “I regret it so much now. I should have done it. I was so busy then… But I was filming a drama and a movie at the time, and I wasn’t comfortable doing variety shows. But later I thought, I should’ve done it! If I had, I could have been part of HYBE now,” making Suga laugh.

Suga also opened up about his past struggles during his early debut days when Jung Hwa shared similar concerns she had while pursuing both an acting and music career.

Hearing her, the rapper responded, “Since I rapped, I was obviously a rapper. I also was a songwriter and producer. But because I was also an idol singer, I wasn’t acknowledged by this side. Back then, idol groups had to be formed in a certain way. Typically, they had only one or two rappers. But our team wasn’t like that. We had three rappers and four singers. And so, it was like, ‘Are we even an idol group?’” He added, “I was somewhere in the middle and I thought a lot about it. So I’d like to ask the people who criticized you back then about who was right. I think you made the right choice. You just have a lot of talent.”

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