‘Vigilante’ Episode 3 and 4 Recap: Will Nam Joo Hyuk Team Up With the Fake Vigilante?

Vigilante episode 4 recap
Vigilante episode 4 recap
Credit: Disney Plus

Episodes 3 and 4 of the Disney Plus drama series Vigilante revealed the identity of the fake Vigilante.

The third episode throws Kim Ji Yong (played by Nam Joo Hyuk), police inspector Jo Heon (Yoo Ji Tae) and reporter Choi Mi Rye (Kim So Jin) into confusion, with the appearance of an anonymous man who pretends to be the Vigilante. In the fourth episode, the fake avenger turns out to be Jo Kang Ok (Lee Joon Hyuk), the vice chairman of DK Group.

One day, a really nice old lady from Kim Ji Yong’s neighborhood tragically passes away due to a random brutal attack. To make the attacker pay for what he did, Kim Ji Yong goes to the hospital to serve justice.

Anticipating his arrival, Jo Heon and Mi Rye wait at the hospital. Ji Yong shows up, urging the perpetrator to repent for his sins and seek the maximum sentence in court. Unfortunately, the murderer gets killed by the fake Vigilante right after Ji Yong leaves the ward. Later in the show, Ji Yong encounters the fake Vigilante and he invites him to become his partner. However, he declines the offer.

Jo Kang Ok, the vice chairman of DK Group, goes to see Mi Rye, thinking that she could have taken videos of the Vigilante. Kang Ok suggests that she team up with him to help out with the real one, but she rejects the idea.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Yong becomes agitated by the police search. As anxiety grows, he texts Kang Ok asking to meet him. Realizing that the Vigilante is Ji Yong, Jo Heon goes to see him and warns him to keep a low profile.

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Source: Disney Plus

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