Jung Woo Sung Shares His 25-Year Friendship Secret with ‘Squid Game’ Star Lee Jung Jae

jung woo sung lee jung jae friendship
jung woo sung lee jung jae friendship
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In a delightful revelation, Jung Woo Sung and Hwang Jung Min continued their promotion for the movie 12.12: The Day from last week as special guests on Shin Dong Yup’s YouTube show.

Shin Dong Yup, probing for an exclusive scoop, asked Jung Woo Sung, “Lee Jung Jae‘s ‘Squid Game’ was a huge hit. Share something you haven’t revealed elsewhere.” This prompted co-host Jung Ho Cheol to recall when Jung Woo Sung graciously accepted the Best Director award on behalf of Lee Jung Jae at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, noting, “You used honorifics over the phone.”

Shin skeptically asked if this “formal speech” was just for the cameras. However, Jung clarified, “We always use honorifics to each other, even in texts. There’s no room for our relationship to sour because there are no expectations, just mutual respect.” He went on to explain the secret behind their 25-year friendship, “Usually, when you become close friends, you expect them to think like you, and maybe even think, ‘Why don’t they think like me?’ But we deeply respect and support each other’s work.”

Jung also glimpsed their unique bond, “When we drink together for five hours, we barely talk for 10 minutes. We just look at each other and might ask, ‘Another round?'” Hearing that, Shin humorously commented on the rumors that had circulated due to their close friendship, causing laughter in the studio. The two even won the nickname “Cheongdam Couple” (since they were often spotted together in Cheongdam), even sparking rumors of them being gay.

Hwang Jung Min, in the conversation, named his wife as his soulmate, likening her to Lee Jung Jae for Jung Woo Sung. He explained, “In our profession, we often grow closer to co-stars than our families due to the emotional exchanges needed for our roles. But once the project ends, we naturally drift apart.” Jung Woo Sung, in response, playfully expressed jealousy, comparing his single status to Hwang’s perfect soulmate scenario.

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