G-Dragon Firmly Denies Drug Allegations Once Again: “I Did Not Do Drugs”

G Dragon drug allegations
G Dragon drug allegations
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G-Dragon strongly reiterated his denial of drug allegations, stating, “I have never used or exchanged drugs with anyone,” in a recent interview with Yonhap News TV.

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Explaining his decision to do the interview, G-Dragon said, “I thought a lot about doing this interview. I decided to come forward to convey my innocence and the truth to the public.” When asked directly if he had used drugs, he firmly responded, “I did not.”

G-Dragon, who tested negative in the preliminary drug test, expected a similar outcome in the detailed analysis. “Of course, it should come out negative,” he said, “because, as I said before, I have never used or exchanged drugs. If they find something, that would be surprising.”

About voluntarily getting questioned by the police, he explained, “I know myself best. Since I haven’t done drugs, I don’t have any connection to this drug crime allegation. I voluntarily appeared to prove my innocence as soon as possible.”

G Dragon drug allegations
Credit: Yonhap News

Regarding reports about a doctor who allegedly supplied him with drugs, he stated, “I can’t say much about his statement, but I’ve never received anything, and I don’t even know who this doctor is. In fact, I want to know who he is.” He commented on the nightclub manager’s statement about finding “a suspicious package” after his visit, saying, “I can’t explain it, but her actions seem strange to me.” He added, “As far as I know, she has a history of drug-related offenses, so I have many doubts about the credibility of her statement.”

Addressing reports about shaving his body hair before police questioning, G-Dragon clarified, “The reports of my full-body shave are completely false. I haven’t dyed or bleached my hair for over a year and a half since my last album dropped. Most importantly, even without a warrant, I voluntarily submitted my hair, fingernails, and toenails to prove my innocence quickly.” He continued, “I feel like things are straying a bit from the core point or the crucial context of this case. I don’t understand why other suspicions or misunderstandings are growing, but I’m in the process of proving (my innocence), and I believe I will prove the fundamental question of whether I’ve done drugs.”

Regarding suspicions that grew from his speech and gestures, the singer expressed, “As a celebrity, I’m aware that my on-screen and off-screen personas differ, and it’s natural for people to judge based on my on-screen appearance. However, I’m honestly upset about being implicated in this drug case.”

He went on, “Ever since I realized that my every word became influential and could be misconstrued, I’ve become cautious. This caution sometimes makes me take longer to think before I speak, as I feel compelled to be responsible for what I say.” G-Dragon then emphasized, “My intent is always to be honest and sincere, even in response to the most trivial questions. If my manner of speaking seems awkward or deviates from the context, I should work on that. But when it comes to expressing my thoughts and convictions, I ponder deeply, not to talk nonsense.”

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