‘Unexpected Business in California’ Issues Apology Over Hygiene Controversy

Credit: tvN

The production team of tvN’s variety show Unexpected Business in California has issued an apology regarding recent concerns over hygiene practices on the show.

On the 10th, the production team wrote on the show’s official website, “We have received various feedback from viewers following the last broadcast.” They acknowledged, “Given that Unexpected Business in California features both a restaurant and a kimbap station, it was crucial for us to maintain strict hygiene standards. Unfortunately, we fell short, particularly in our mask-wearing protocol, and this has understandably caused concern among our viewers”

>> ‘Unexpected Business in California’ Comes Under Fire for Sanitation Issues

Credit: tvN

They continued, “We extend our deepest apologies and acknowledge that this was entirely a lapse on the production team’s part. This season was filmed in America, and we strived to thoroughly comply with the complex local sanitation regulations and laws. Nevertheless, we believe we may have overlooked some fundamental aspects in the process.”

Furthermore, the team noted, “All filming has been completed, and we are currently in post-production and broadcasting stages. While the feedback received can’t be reflected on the filming site anymore, we will endeavor to incorporate viewers’ opinions as much as possible in future editing and production.”

Previously, Unexpected Business in California found itself at the center of a hygiene dispute when recent episodes showed the cast preparing food without aprons or hairnets and having conversations while making kimbap without masks, sparking debate among viewers.

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