Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang’s Heart-Racing Romance in the New ‘My Demon’ Teaser

kim yoo jung song kang
kim yoo jung song kang
Credit: SBS

The thrilling office romance between Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang in the upcoming series My Demon will surely make your hearts flutter. As anticipation heats up with every new content, the newly released third teaser amplifies the excitement with a different kind of “heart-racing” vibe.

Do Do Hee, the head of Future F&B, gets on the stage to receive the Top Executive Award. Her dazzling visuals and confident stride capture everyone’s attention. Her remarkable achievement of starting a company in college and making it number one in the industry within seven years hints at the fierce life Do Do Hee has led.

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However, a man unlike any other appears, shaking the workaholic and coolly detached Do Do Hee. The devilish charm of demon Gu Won and his striking appearance shatters her belief that she’s married to work, not men.

Their eye contact in the office supply room where they’re hiding quickens the heartbeats. Gu Won embarks on a “protection” mission for Do Do Hee, all the while displaying an obsession with her wrist. Unlike Gu Won, who brazenly pulls her in, Do Do Hee, who is conscious of the surrounding eyes, is busy pushing him away. Rumors even start to spread within the company about the two dating, piquing curiosity. Do Do Hee’s statement, “I have my privacy. This is not good,” against Gu Won’s unabashed forwardness, “I don’t mind,” makes us wonder about their relationship.

With the release of the third teaser video, reactions such as “Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang’s chemistry is heart-fluttering,” “Just the teaser is getting me pumped,” “Song Kang’s obsession with Kim Yoo Jung’s wrist… Can it be any more thrilling?” and “If that’s how the demon looks, I’ll give my soul too” flooded out.

Meanwhile, My Demon will premiere on the 24th (Friday) at 10PM KST.

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