Did G-Dragon Purposely Remove All His Body Hair to Destroy Drug Evidence?

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Recent reports have confirmed that G-Dragon was questioned by the police with all his body hair removed, except for the hair on his head. Authorities suspect that the removal of his body hair was to destroy evidence related to drug allegations ahead of the investigation.

On October 6th, G-Dragon underwent questioning by the Drug Crime Investigation Unit of the Incheon National Police Agency. However, it was discovered that all his body hair, except for the hair on his head, had been completely removed. These samples were intended for examination at the National Forensic Science Center.

G-Dragon reportedly claimed, “I always wax my body hair.” In response, the police decided to collect samples of his nails and head hair for testing, with results currently pending.

Nail drug testing provides information about drug use over a period of five to six months, including types such as meth and ecstasy.

It’s not uncommon for drug suspects to appear with their hair removed to hinder evidence. Park Yoo Chun was also among those suspects when he appeared at a police station for questioning in 2019. A police official stated, “We can’t disclose details about the investigation yet,” but added, “Further summoning will be considered once the records are analyzed.

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