Suzy’s Heartwarming Christmas Gifts Brought Magic to the Set of ‘Doona!’

suzy yang se jong
suzy yang se jong
Credit: Salon Drip2

Yang Se Jong shared a heartwarming story about how Suzy surprised everyone on Doona!‘s set with beautiful Christmas gifts.

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Netflix’s Doona! stars Suzy and Yang Se Jong made guest appearances on the October 31st episode of Salon Drip 2.

During his appearance, Se Jong said, “It was winter, then. It was cold, right? There were many staff members working outside. Christmas… was it December? I think it was on the exact Christmas day. She gave super expensive scarves to every one of the staff members in every color.”

Suzy explained, “I was so happy that they loved the scarves. I wanted to express how grateful I was, so I wanted the gifts to look like they were from Santa. So I gift-wrapped everything.”

suzy yang se jong
Credit: Online Communities

The sweet story about Suzy was revealed last December as the drama team shared the photos of her gifts. The shared images showed dozens of gifts piled up on the set with a sign that reads, “Christmas gifts from Doona.” Each one had different wraps and customized stickers with a ribbon on them. Upon receiving them, the staff members took to their Instagram and showed their appreciation by writing, “Suzy is an angel – She’s the best! Hooray for Doona Santa,” “She herself wrapped them all! So touching,” and “Suzy Santa made my day – I really mean it.”

Suzy’s former agency, Management SOOP, revealed, “The gifts are not from a brand that Suzy represents – they were entirely paid out of her own pocket,” moving many fans’ hearts.

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