Song Kang Returns as Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’ Confirms Season 2 Release in December

sweet home season 2
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has just dialed up the anticipation by confirming the release date for Season 2 of Sweet Home as December 1st. Alongside this earth-shattering news, the streaming giant also rolled out the launch poster and trailer.

As the first Korean series to crack into Netflix’s American Top 10, Sweet Home heralded the dawn of K-creature horror, captivating global audiences. The much-awaited Season 2 promises to follow Cha Hyun Su (Song Kang) and the rest of the Green Home survivors as they navigate an entirely new battleground.

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The launch poster makes a dramatic departure from Season 1’s Green Home setting, showcasing a demolished baseball stadium. Characters who once had to fend off gruesome monsters have now been pushed into the outside world, forming a makeshift community within the stadium’s ruins. However, even this newfound sanctuary is far from safe.

The released trailer kicks off with Cha Hyun Su (Song Kang) behind bars, seemingly being dragged against his will to an undisclosed location. A spotlight shines on him as he sternly asks what he should do next, to someone who has evidently been waiting for him. The teaser hints at a world descending further into chaos, with a confused band of survivors and increasingly aggressive monsters. All eyes are on what key Cha Hyun Su, now called “MH-5” or “the savior to end it all,” holds.

For this unique Season 2 narrative, Director Lee Eung Bok consulted with Carnby, delving deep into the hidden intricacies and the expanded universe of the original webtoon. Lee declared, “It’s a full-on apocalypse series. If Season 1 offered a tense, claustrophobic horror in the confined space of Green Home, Season 2 expands it to a grander stage teeming with new faces and monstrous threats.”

The cast added their two cents, with Lee Jin Wook commenting, “We’re stepping into a universe that goes beyond the original webtoon, offering an abundance of intriguing elements.” Lee Si Young added, “Upon stepping out of Green Home, a vastly bigger world unveils itself. And every character is in for a drastic transformation.”

The eagerly awaited Season 2 of Sweet Home is slated for an exclusive Netflix release on December 1st. So mark those calendars; this is one premiere you won’t want to miss.

Source: Netflix

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