Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’ Is Filming Season 2 and 3 at the Same Time

Sweet Home season 2 and 3

Netflix original series ‘Sweet Home‘ is producing seasons 2 and 3 at the same time.

Sweet Home season 2 and 3
Credit: Netflix

On the 15th, Netflix announced Sweet Home‘s return and the full cast. Based on the webtoon of the same name, Sweet Home tells a bizarre and shocking story that a loner high school student experiences in an apartment that he moved into after losing his family. Along with the heated responses from around the world, the series was recognized for its quality and received many awards at prestigious awards ceremonies including the 2021 AACA, sparking the K-creature craze.

Sweet Home announced its grand return. First, the residents of Green Home have confirmed their comeback. Song Kang (Hyun Soo), who managed to escape the Green Home but ended up getting caught by a soldier; Lee Jin Wook (Sang Wook), who showed up with his burn scars gone; and Lee Si Young (Yi Kyung), Go Min Si (Eun Yoo), and Park Gyu Young (Ji Soo) will be coming back to season 2 and 3.

Newly joining them in the cast are Yu Oh Seong, Oh Jung Se, Kim Mu Yeol, and Jinyoung. Yu Oh Seong plays first sergeant Tak In Hwan, who leads the special forces guard team established to protect the people’s safety from monsters. Oh Jung Se takes on the role of Dr. Im, who studies vaccines, while Kim Mu Yeol plays Kim Young Hu, the second-in-command of the guard team and a former UDT (Naval Special Warfare Flotilla). Lastly, Jinyoung plays private Park Chan Young of the guard team.

Meanwhile, Sweet Home season 2 and 3 come from director Lee Eung Bok and his crew that lead the first season to success. “Season 2 will take place in a new location. I believe that things that weren’t technically in season 1 will come true in season 2,” said director Lee.

Source: Netflix

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