Han So Hee Opens up About Removing All Her Body Piercings

han so hee piercing
han so hee piercing
Credit: Han So Hee Instagram

Han So Hee revealed the removal of her piercings on her personal blog.

The actress shared that she recently underwent surgery for rhinitis. She said, “At some point, I found myself breathing through only one nostril. Worse yet, sudden snoring lowered the quality of my life, which really stressed me out. So I just did it without much thought. Though the wind is cold, now I am grateful that I can breathe through both nostrils. Just in case you see me with the swollen nose, please just think, ‘Great, she has no trouble breathing now.’”

She added, “I wanted so bad to get my body parts pierced. I did as I wished, and all the piercings are now removed. I have such an annoying personality that I must do what I want.”

She also shared her excitement for the upcoming drama, Gyeongseong Greature. She said, “To be honest, I’ve been too hyped about my new drama. I’ve been both very excited and nervous ahead of its release.”

Previously, Han So Hee garnered much attention for having her lips and eyes pierced.


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