G-Dragon Reportedly Taps High-Profile Legal Team Amid Drug Allegations

g dragon drug
g dragon drug
Credit: OSEN

As BIGBANG’s G-Dragon faces police investigation over drug usage allegations, all eyes are on the legal team he’s assembled to fight the charges.

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, a former entertainment reporter, recently dished the details on a live streaming. He claims that G-Dragon has chosen a law firm that houses a lawyer who was a former judge involved in a presidential impeachment case. “Looking at G-Dragon’s choice of law firm, I was actually quite surprised. He opted for a law firm where a lawyer, who was a judge during the presidential impeachment, serves as the lead attorney. G-Dragon is thoroughly preparing for this situation,” Lee revealed.

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Regarding the legal fees, Lee commented, “For general cases, such law firms usually charge between 500 million to 1 billion KRW (approx. 420,000 to 840,000 USD). In special or unfavorable circumstances like this, the fee can be significantly higher.” He added, “If you ask for ex-judges or ex-prosecutors (they receive favorable treatment or privileges in legal proceedings), the cost could be astronomical, potentially reaching figures in the 1 to 2 billion KRW range (approx. 840,000 to 1.68 million USD).”

Lee also shared G-Dragon’s initial reaction to the news. “According to someone who was the first to make contact with G-Dragon, his response was, ‘I haven’t been contacted by the police.’ He seemed quite irritated when discussing his own case,” he conveyed.

Earlier, the Incheon Police Agency’s narcotics unit filed a non-custodial arrest against G-Dragon for violating drug management laws. Police have barred G-Dragon from leaving the country and are coordinating the schedule for his summons.

G-Dragon issued an official statement through his lawyer on the 27th, stating, “I have not used any drugs. I also clarify that I have nothing to do with the recent reports concerning ‘violation of drug management laws.’ I will actively cooperate with the investigation agencies.” It should be noted that G-Dragon was given a suspended indictment for taking marijuana back in 2011.

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