So Ji Sub, Gong Myung & More Take Lead in Netflix’s Dark Action Saga ‘Mercy for None’

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Netflix has pulled back the curtain on the casting lineup for its new original series, Mercy for None. “So Ji Sub, Huh Joon Ho, Ahn Kil Kang, Lee Beom Soo, Gong Myung, Choo Young Woo, Cho Han Cheul, Cha Seung Won, and Lee Joon Hyuk are on board,” the streaming giant announced on the 27th.

Mercy for None is a gritty, hardboiled noir action thriller adapted from a webtoon of the same name. The plot centers on Ki Joon, a man who left a violent organization only to return 11 years later after the mysterious death of his younger brother. He digs deep to unveil the mystery behind the tragedy.

So Ji Sub has bagged the role of Ki Joon, a cold and calculating individual embarking on a journey of vengeance. He walks back into the world of crime after his brother, who was the second-in-command, meets a suspicious end. Huh Joon Ho portrays Lee Joo Woon, the leader of the organization “Joo Woon,” in which Ki Joon is a member. Ahn Kil Kang embodies Goo Bong San, the head of “Bong San,” and brings a weighty presence as he navigates alliances and rivalries with Lee Joo Woon.

Gong Myung makes his noir debut as Jun Mo, the heir to “Bong San.” He takes a daring leap from his previous roles in films like Extreme Job and Killing Romance, showing a completely different facet of her talents. Choo Young Woo plays Geum Son, Lee Joo Woon’s ambitious son and a current prosecutor. While he maintains a certain distance from the organization, his character heightens the tension of the unfolding events.

Making a special appearance is Lee Joon Hyuk as Ki Seok, Ki Joon’s deceased younger brother. After his brother left the group, Ki Seok turned “Joo Woon” into a corporation and even rose to an executive position before his untimely death. Rounding out the cast, Lee Beom Soo portrays Shim Sung Won, the CEO of “& Clean,” Cho Han Cheul plays Lee Joo Woon’s right-hand man, Sung Chul. Rounding up the stellar cast is Cha Seung Won as Mr. Kim, a mediator facilitating the coexistence of the two organizations.

Director Choi Sung Eun helms the production, having previously showcased his action-directing chops in the web drama Tong: Memories. Additionally, YONG Film and Studio N are backing the project as production companies.

Meanwhile, production will commence after finalizing the casting. A release date for the series has yet to be set.

Source: Netflix

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