G-DRAGON and Lee Sun Kyun’s Drug Supplier Revealed to be a Doctor

Lee Sun Kyun G DRAGON drugs
Lee Sun Kyun G DRAGON drugs
Credit: HODU&U Entertainment, News1

The drug supplier of Lee Sun Kyun and G-DRAGON has been revealed to be a professional doctor.

On October 26th, the Drug Crime Investigation Division of the Incheon National Police Agency made a startling revelation that a doctor had been booked for violating the Narcotics Control Act. The story unfolded following a tip-off about illegal narcotics being peddled at an exclusive nightclub in Gangnam, igniting a complex investigation against the club’s manager, Lee Sun Kyun, and the iconic musician G-DRAGON, alongside the physician.

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The doctor, according to the police report, was not seeking monetary gain from supplying drugs to Lee Sun Kyun and G-DRAGON. The investigation into the physician is still ongoing as the authorities seek to establish the full extent of their involvement.

Meanwhile, the club manager is already behind bars, facing allegations of violating the Narcotics Control Act and extorting a substantial sum of 350 million won (equivalent to $257,483) from the actor. The police are planning to conduct reagent tests on the two celebrities to ascertain the specific drugs involved and the frequency of their use.

Lee Sun Kyun had already been slapped with charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act on the 23rd. The police claim that Lee Sun Kyun was involved in drug use during multiple visits to the club manager’s residence.

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As for G-DRAGON, this incident marks his scandal involving drugs. He was booked without detention on October 25th for violations of the Narcotics Control Act. Interestingly, he has maintained a resolute silence regarding his connection to this recent drug controversy. On a related note, his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment officially concluded in June of this year.

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