Park Bo Gum Shares His Heartfelt Connection With His First Musical ‘Let Me Fly’

park bo gum musical
park bo gum musical
Credit: Esquire

Park Bo Gum graced the cover of Esquire’s November issue in collaboration with the French fashion brand CELINE. In the interview after the photoshoot, he candidly shared his deep passion for performing in small theaters.

park bo gum musical
Credit: Esquire

The musical Let Me Fly, featuring Park Bo-gum, is a rare gem in the theater world where new original plays are hard to find. Since its debut in early 2022, the musical has received several prestigious awards at the Korean Musical Awards, including Best Picture, Best Music, and Best New Actor.

park bo gum musical
Credit: Esquire

Bo Gum expressed the joy he found in performing in small theaters. He said, ” I really connect with the audience in these cozy venues, and it’s awesome to see how into it they are. Let Me Fly is my first musical, and it’s like a whole new world up there on stage with the audience’s energy buzzing around me.”

park bo gum musical
Credit: Esquire

Scheduled to run until December 10th, Let Me Fly features three cast members taking on each of the four main characters. Reflecting his affection for the musical, Park Bo Gum noted, “I must say that each cast member brings their unique flair to their characters in their own distinctive ways. At first, I figured I might get bored doing the same thing over and over, but I was totally wrong. Every time I work with new cast members, I find new things to love about their performances, and it gets me all pumped up when I’m playing my character.”

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  • I think it’s interesting to read about Koreans who take on theatre.
    Am really pleased with actors such as Ji Chang Wook and Park Bo Gum doing their stints. Korean actors work so hard I think they deserve a like on stage would have loved to have watched but it was impossible for me. Am always wanting to know more .

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