‘A Good Day to Be a Dog’ Episode 3 Recap: Cha Eun Woo and Park Gyu Young Grow Closer

A Good Day to Be a Dog ep 3
A Good Day to Be a Dog ep 3
Credit: MBC

In Episode 3 of MBC’s A Good Day to Be a Dog, Jin Seo Won (played by Cha Eun Woo) and Han Hae Na (Park Gyu Young) got closer while keeping each other’s secrets.

Hae Na wakes up in Yul’s room and finds Seo Won there. Shocked by seeing the two together, Seo Won asks them what happened, but Yul keeps his mouth shut to protect her secret. Meanwhile, she discovers that Seo Won is Yul’s uncle and has a fear of dogs.

Soon, the school turns upside down due to the dog brought by the vice-principal. When the dog appears in the office, Hae Na gets concerned about Seo Won and helps him at the right moments when he needs it most. He gets over the moon with gratitude and gives her a heartfelt thank you.

Lee Bo Gyeom (Lee Hyun Woo) keeps an eye on the two, intentionally setting up a meeting between the two. Later, they meet by chance and Seo Won presents her with a cake as a token of gratitude. In return, she gives him a puppy keychain to help him overcome his bad memory about dogs.

Seo Won realizes that he has been feeling drawn to Hae Na since their first encounter and becomes jealous when he learns that Hae Na and Bo Gyeom are meeting alone to shop for a wedding gift for their colleague. To stop them from meeting alone, he offers to drive them to the teacher’s wedding.

The episode ends with Seo Won and Hae Na sneaking away, dodging Chae Ah’s offer to head to the wedding venue. Right at that moment, Seo Won spots Chae Ah on the lookout for them. He immediately opens an umbrella and pulls her in to hide her, like a secret mission in a romantic drama.

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