Song Joong Ki Reveals He Faced Numerous Rejections in Overseas Auditions

song joong ki audition
song joong ki audition
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Song Joong Ki shared his experience of failing overseas auditions in an interview for Hopeless. He mentioned, “It’s been a while since I auditioned for overseas projects. It’s a bit sad that I didn’t pass any of the auditions, but I will keep giving it a shot.”

When asked about the specific movies and roles he’s been auditioning for, he explained, “I was told not to talk about them. One thing I’m sure about is that there are many projects looking for Asian actors. Thanks to the predecessors, Korean actors are now open to more opportunities than before.”

He was also asked if his wife helped him with entering the Western industry. He responded, “I think many think she will be of help in some ways as she is not Korean. Actually, I was actively exploring roles in overseas projects even before I got married to her. Of course, my wife helps me a lot – I once had an audition through her acquaintances working in the industry.”

“I was once offered the role and had a meeting. But I don’t accept offers if I don’t find them intriguing. Once, I read a very fascinating script, so I suggested having an Asian person play the role. That’s how I auditioned for an overseas agency. The company later looked me up and asked why I was auditioning when I was already famous.”

Song Joong Ki added, “I tend to lose focus when I get bored, and I’m always looking for something new. So I want to explore cultural diversity and work in a new system.”

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