Moon Chae Won’s Agency Says There Will Be Zero Tolerance for Defamation and Slander

Moon Chae Won rumors
Moon Chae Won rumors
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IOK Company has drawn a line in the sand, signaling that defamation and online slander targeting Moon Chae Won will not be tolerated.

Her agency, IOK Company, announced on the 16th, “After making it publicly known in March that we’d be taking legal action against individuals who posted defamatory, malicious and false information about Moon Chae Won on various anonymous online communities, we have now proceeded with a lawsuit through the law firm Sojung.”

The statement continues, “Legal proceedings are well underway as statements from the plaintiff have already been completed against two unidentified individuals, among others, for defamation.” The agency went on, “Despite ongoing investigations, some perpetrators continue to abuse their anonymity, posting further slander and engaging in malicious acts. Therefore, we are proceeding with additional legal action against 12 more individuals.”

The agency emphasized their steadfast resolve: “This round of legal action specifically targets YouTube channels and content creators who are generating revenue using rumors about Moon Chae Won. We are unequivocal in our intent to identify these offenders and subject them to the full extent of the law.” They further stressed, “We’re making it clear there will be no settlements or leniency.”

IOK Company concluded by conveying the emotional toll this ordeal has had on the actress. “While the actress has shown remarkable patience, considering it part and parcel of her public life, the increasing intensity and obsession displayed in these posts and videos have led to daily emotional stress. Hence, we’re adopting a zero-tolerance policy and will continue to pursue the strongest legal action.”

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