Park Bo Young and Cast Deliver Healing Message in Netflix’s ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’

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Daily Dose of Sunshine
Credit: Netflix

Netflix gave fans a peek at its new original series Daily Dose of Sunshine, starring Park Bo Young, Yeon Woo Jin, Jang Dong Yoon, and Lee Jung Eun

Daily Dose of Sunshine is a medical drama focusing on nurse Jung Da Eun (Park Bo Young) as she makes her inaugural plunge into psychiatric nursing. The series follows her journey and the diverse array of individuals she meets in the mental health ward.

The first stills from the series capture Da Eun’s luminous energy. She’s a third-year internal medicine nurse who has recently transitioned into psychiatric nursing. A warm smile is her default setting, and she always goes the extra mile for her patients. Yet, adapting to her new surroundings proves no walk in the park. Park Bo Young shared her motivation for taking on the role, saying, “I believed I could genuinely offer comfort and empathy to someone.” She continued, “I wanted to capture the skillfulness of a third-year nurse. I even practiced administering IV fluids and intravenous injections at home.”

Yeon Woo Jin takes on the role of colorectal surgeon Dong Go Yoon. Speaking about his character, the actor shared, “Go Yoon has a quirky and unique focus—when he’s into something, that’s all he sees.” He added, “I acted with all my heart. I hope good energy is captured in the series.”

Daily Dose of Sunshine
Credit: Netflix

Jang Dong Yoon plays Da Eun’s best friend and Go Yoon’s college junior, Song Yu Chan. Once a corporate go-getter, he resigns to help out at his parents’ fried chicken restaurant. Always the optimist, he is a wellspring of clarity for Da Eun’s dilemmas.

Lee Jung Eun morphs into psychiatric head nurse Song Hyo Shin. She’s the mental cornerstone for her nursing peers. Lee Jung Eun revealed that she consulted with practicing head nurses to complete her character.

As a side note, Daily Dose of Sunshine is slated for a 12-episode run and will be available on Netflix starting next month on the 3rd.

Source: Netflix

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