Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon Share Their Insights as ‘Destined With You’ Heads Into Final Week

destined with you ending
destined with you ending
Credit: JTBC

With just two episodes left to air, JTBC’s Destined With You stars Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon shared what to look for until the end.

Jo Bo Ah has stolen hearts by journeying from her vivacious role as public servant Lee Hong Jo to the tragic past life of Ang Cho. The actress extended her gratitude, saying, “I’m sincerely thankful to everyone who watched and supported Destined With You. You’ve given me so much energy, and I feel I’m living off that energy.” She went on to add her parting words, “Although the time to part with Hong Jo is approaching, I ask for your continued interest and love for episodes 15 and 16.”

The last points of interest Jo Bo Ah highlighted include the emotional trajectory of Hong Jo and Shin Yoo (Rowoom) that has been threaded from their past lives, and the ongoing conflict with Na Joong Bum (An Sang Woo). “The backstory of Hong Jo and Shin Yoo has been revealed. With the ‘red hand’ mystery and their poignant history, viewers will feel an even more touching emotional arc. And stay tuned in for the conflict with Na Joong Bum,” she said, further raising anticipation for the closing chapters of Lee Hong Jo’s journey.

Her co-star Rowoon received acclaim for his versatile acting, captivating viewers from his role as the charmer Jang Shin Yoo to the tragically cursed Moo Jin. “I was truly happy to show you the character of Jang Shin Yoo, whom I loved so much. While portraying various facets of Shin Yoo’s psychology, I also realized, ‘So I have this face in me too,'” Rowoon commented. He expressed his affectionate regards, “I think Shin Yoo was able to overcome challenges well because of the love from all the viewers. I hope you’ll remember Shin Yoo for a long time.”

Rowoon, who sent fans into a frenzy with his undeniable chemistry with Jo Bo Ah, concluded by underlining the last viewing point. “Please keep an eye out until the end to see if Hong Jo and Shin Yoo, who have been through a lot, can fully experience love,” he said.

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