V from BTS Shares His Unbreakable Bond With the Group and His Adorable Pet Dog on ‘Mezamashi TV’

bts v Ren Meguro
Credit: Fuji TV

BTS sensation V recently charmed Japanese audiences with his candid remakes on Fuji TV’s hit show, Mezamashi TV. Joining him on the program was none other than Japan’s beloved star, Ren Meguro.

The two showcased amazing chemistry throughout the show as they shared many things in common, from their careers in both acting and music to their shared love for Pomeranian dogs.

During the interview, the host delved into the dynamics within BTS, asking V how the members keep in touch with one another while some are in the army. V answered, “We have a group chat, and we share all sorts of things there, like funny pictures and stuff.” When the conversation shifted to his recent solo album, V opened up, saying, “While creating the new songs, I put my heart into making sure listeners could feel the same emotions I did when I first listened to these songs.”

V also talked about the things that have not changed in the decade since their debut. He said, “What remains unchanged is the love BTS has for BTS. I still adore being a part of the team, performing alongside the members. Our music means the world to me,” demonstrating his deep affection for the group.

Notably, V shared that his cherished pet dog, Yeontan, holds such a special place in his heart that the furry friend made an appearance in the concept photos for his solo album.

Towards the end, the interviewer had a playful request for V, saying, “Can we do a peace sign together for the last part?” V chuckled and questioned, “Why would we do that?” but went along with it, flashing the peace sign with the host, which brought laughter from the audience.

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