Weekly TV Top10: ‘Moving’ and ‘A Time Called You’ Hold Strong at the Top

a time called you

Drama Ranking for 2nd Week of September

Disney Plus’ Moving and Netflix’s A Time Called You have, yet again, claimed the top two spots. While Moving rode high on fans’ love for the romantic chemistry between Go Youn Jung and Lee Jeong Ha, anticipation for a possible season two kept interest alive. As for A Time Called You, viewers found it increasingly engaging as the series progressed, even if it fell short of the original series. Debuting at number three, SBS’s 7 Escape, penned by writer Kim Soon Ok, faced a barrage of criticism. Though its melodramatic flair was to be expected, many thought it includes excessive sensationalism and implausible storylines, and the performances of certain actors only added to the disappointment. Given that MBC’s My Dearest is currently on hiatus, the show’s ratings were underwhelming. On a brighter note, My Dearest part 2 has locked in an air date for October 13th. ENA’s New Recruit Season 2 signed off with record-high ratings, and the new show The Kidnapping Day made a modest debut at number ten. KBS’s new weekend drama Live Your Own Life landed a less-than-stellar ninth-place finish.

>> Ahn Hyo Seop on Filming Romance with Bestie Rowoon in ‘A Time Called You’

  1. Disney Plus Moving (Share 24.11%) 
  2. Netflix A Time Called You (Share 10.42%) 
  3. SBS The Escape of the Seven (Share 8.76%)
  4. tvN Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramoon (Share 8.33%) 
  5. JTBC Destined With You (Share 6.74%)
  6. JTBC Behind Your Touch (Share 6.36%) 
  7. tvN My Lovely Liar (Share 6.15%) 
  8. ENA New Recruit Season 2 (Share 5.28%)
  9. KBS Live Your Own Life (Share 3.38%) 
  10. ENA The Kidnapping Day (Share 3.13%) 
  1. Go Youn Jung, Moving (Share 4.09%)
  2. Lee Jung Ha, Moving (Share 3.77%)
  3. Han Hyo Joo, Moving (Share 3.64%)
  4. Lee Joon Gi, Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramoon (Share 3.30%) 
  5. Jo In Sung, Moving (Share 3.29%)
  6. Rowoon, Destined With You (Share 3.02%)
  7. Ryu Seung Ryong, Moving (Share 2.98%)
  8. Ahn Hyo Seop, A Time Called You (Share 2.96%)
  9. Kim Hee Won, Moving (Share 2.94%)
  10. Hwang Minhyun, My Lovely Liar (Share 2.82%) 

Non-Drama Ranking for 2nd Week of September

Mnet’s Street Women Fighter 2 and ENA/SBS Plus’s I Am Solo are making waves and holding onto the one-two spots. The soaring popularity of Street Women Fighter 2 propelled its cast to new heights, landing many of them in the cast rankings.

  1. Mnet Street Woman Fighter 2 (Share 13.26%) 
  2. ENA/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share 7.99%)
  3. JTBC A Clean Sweep (Share 4.14%)
  4. MBC I Live Alone (Share 3.02%)
  5. SBS My Little Old Boy (Share 2.38%)
  6. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share 2.30%)
  7. SBS Running Man (Share 1.79%)
  8. MBC Oh Eun Young’s Report: Marriage Hell (Share 1.68%)
  9. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share 1.58%)
  10. MBN Love After Divorce 4 (Share 1.58%) 
  1. TSUBAKILL, Street Woman Fighter 2 (Share 1.97%)
  2. Lim Young Woong, My Little Old Boy (Share 1.87%)
  3. Kang Dong Won, You Quiz on the Block (Share 1.64%)
  4. Kim Hye Ja, The President’s People (Share 1.50%)
  5. 1MILLION, Street Woman Fighter 2 (Share 1.49%)
  6. Wolf’Lo, Street Woman Fighter 2 (Share 1.34%)
  7. MANNEQUEEN, Street Woman Fighter 2 (Share 1.10%)
  8. Jung Hyeonsu, A Clean Sweep (Share 1.08%)
  9. Bada, Street Woman Fighter 2 (Share 1.07%)
  10. JAM REPUBLIC, Street Woman Fighter 2 (Share 1.06%)

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