Ahn Hyo Seop on Filming Romance with Bestie Rowoon in ‘A Time Called You’

Credit: Netflix

Ahn Hyo Seop recently sat down with SPOTVNEWS to spill the tea on his experience filming the Netflix series A Time Called You.

In the much-buzzed-about show, Ahn portrays Gu Yeon Jun (one of the few roles) and shares quite the romantic scenes with Rowoon. When quizzed about their on-screen chemistry, Ahn cheekily quipped, “I think it’s nothing special,” eliciting hearty laughs all around.

“We were friends before, always saying, ‘Let’s work together someday,'” Ahn continued. “But when it actually happened, it was super awkward at first. We were used to hanging out casually, but this was the first time we met professionally. Though it was awkward, it was also new, comfortable, and fun. But some moments were a bit uncomfortable. To be honest, it was tough at times. We even had instances where we got angry with each other. But hey, it’s all in jest.”

Ahn went on to add, “The strange thing is, the moment we began acting, we became incredibly focused. Sure, we were annoyed by our intense concentration once the cameras stopped rolling, but overall, it was a blast to film.”

Discussing his bond with Rowoon, the actor revealed, “We used to be in the same agency for a brief period when we were young. Rowoon has kept in touch, and that’s how we’ve ended up here. He’s a friend I’ve leaned on during tough times, which makes our friendship all the more special.” When prodded about whether he had any lingering affection after shooting the romantic scenes, Ahn added more laughter to the room with a quick “Nope.”

As for why he specifically thought of Rowoon for the role, Ahn mused, “Well, the characters are in love, right? Love comes in many forms, and friendship is one of them. As for my character Yeon Jun, he doesn’t have a lot of scenes. Eight, to be exact. So, if he’s to like someone in that short span, why not bring in a friend I already love? That’s what I thought.”

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