How SM Entertainment Found Its Newest Idol Talents: Karina, Wonbin and More

how did karina join SM
how did karina join SM
Credit: SM Entertainment

Generation Z expresses themselves through social media these days, and this trend has led entertainment companies to find talent on these platforms.

Wonbin, a rising talent in the music industry, found his path to stardom through an unexpected source. He received the life-changing offer via direct messages and became a member of RIIZE, the recently debuted boy band under SM Entertainment. Upon signing with SM Entertainment, Wonbin moved from Ulsan to Seoul in 2019 and became an idol trainee. Reports from that period also highlight the recognition he earned for his remarkable singing and dancing skills.

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Sion of NCT Tokyo began his idol career much like Wonbin. He, too, received an offer to become an idol trainee at SM Entertainment via direct messages while living in Mokpo. He initially declined it, not to miss classes for the audition. However, SM Entertainment made a special effort to recruit him by sending an agent over to Mokpo to persuade him once again. Their efforts eventually paid off, and Sion is now a crucial member of NCT Tokyo.

Karina from aespa is already a famous example of someone who became an idol singer through direct messages. She was a popular Instagram influencer before her idol debut, and she revealed that she initially felt suspicious of the offer when the SM agent contacted her on social media. She mentioned that she felt reassured only after receiving their business card and proceeded with the camera test. However, the person who initially offered her the opportunity left the company shortly after. Fortunately, she was able to become a trainee at the agency when another employee messaged her.

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