IU Dazzles on ELLE Korea Cover and Teases Her New Album Is About Desire

iu new album
iu new album
Credit: ELLE Korea

Fashion magazine ELLE Korea dropped its October cover on the 15th, and IU dazzles in every sense of the word.

IU showcases a spectrum of styles—ranging from a unique look with glasses to a captivating allure accentuated by burgundy hues. During the recent shoot, IU, a global ambassador for Gucci, said, “Every time I collaborate with Gucci, it feels like unveiling a new version of myself,” diving headfirst into the creative process.

The singer sat down for an interview after the photoshoot. With her 15th debut anniversary on the horizon, IU has been busy. Starting from a month-long special media art exhibition that kicked off on July 21st, she’s also made headlines as the first female artist in Korea to perform at the Jamsil Main Stadium, drawing nearly 90,000 fans over two days. Her concert movie, IU Concert: The Golden Hour, has also been released. Then, on the 23rd and 24th, IU will hold a fan concert at the Seoul KSPO DOME.

When asked about her recent activities, she responded, “It’s been a while since I met my fans after last year’s concert. I’ve been preparing hard, even squeezing in dance and ensemble practices while shooting a drama. It feels like a festival every time we practice, and everyone is hyped about it. The fatigue washes away as we go.”

iu new album
Credit: ELLE Korea
iu new album
Credit: ELLE Korea

Regarding her new album in the works, IU revealed, “The direction changed dramatically during the process. Considering I’ve always released albums without significant gaps, taking two years off this time feels justified. I’m loving the work that’s coming out. The next album will explore ‘desire.'”

Beyond that, IU elaborated on the energy she gains through her personal YouTube channel, “IU’s Palette.” “The most significant aspect of ‘IU’s Palette’ is covering each other’s songs. I believe that’s a form of support and respect, even without explicitly saying it,” she dished. “Though it’s not frequent, swapping and covering each other’s songs broadens the scope of the music scene, which is beneficial for everyone involved.”

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